When you think of a perfect house. There are a lot of things that you might consider before you can call it as your dream house. You will be thinking of having a big living room for your kids to play and be able to entertain a lot of visitors and guests while watching a TV show and having some snacks. You are also considering of having a huge space for your kitchen. This is the place where most of the women and mothers would love to stay because they can cook and bake some delicious cakes and pastries and of course, the most important is that you can prepare yummy meals for your family and friends. You would also think about having a big room or bedroom for you and your wife or husband and also for the kids. In this way, you would have spacious closet and wide bed for you to roll over and have a good sleep. Some might have a basement finishing Denver in which they can put their other stuff and things. But all of these rooms need window and this could be different from one another. Some people would love to have a big type of window than having an ordinary size of window. Here are some of the good and positive sides and views of having a large kind of window installed in your house.  


  1. Having a big window installed in your rooms or living rooms would mean having a very natural way of lighting in your house. You don’t need to turn on the lights during the daytime and it could save you more money from paying high electricity bill. It can give and boost more energy to you as you would get energy from the sun.  
  2. If you are living in a country side. The view would be fantastic if you have a huge type of window. You can see and get even close to nature. Especially, when you wake up in the morning and you will move the curtain to the side part of the window. It will give you a fresh and raw kind of view that you can’t see in the city life. You would not need to have a big picture of the nature to put on your wall. Having this natural view would be ecstatic to see and give a good mood and feeling.  
  3. You can consider having a glass window that you can open or have a French window. In this way, you could have an access to your garden immediately. You can have it in your living room or bedroom. When you open it, you don’t need the electricity for the light and air conditioner to make the place colder. The fresh wind will blow to your skin.  
  4. Proper ventilation to your house means having a good living condition. It would not be very hard for you get the fresh air and natural light coming from the nature itself.